Why You Lose Confidence With Your Horse

Today I want to share with you some insights as to why we tend to lose confidence with our horses as we get older. 

If you are one of those ladies who used to hoon around as a kid and do all sorts of crazy things on your horse and you are feeling frustrated these days because you aren’t feeling as confident as you used to and you are not sure why this is happening, then you might find some of the insights I am about to share, really helpful.

As we get older, our self-preservation does tend to get stronger and especially after having a break from riding or having children, we lose our core strength and then when we hop back on our horses, we don’t feel as strong or as balanced as we used to.  Just having that feeling of being a little bit wobbly on top of your horse can play a big part in you not feeling as confident as what you used to do.

There are always obvious reasons as to why we lose confidence and if you have had a bad accident and sustained a major injury from that accident, then it is very obvious why you would lose confidence and not want to hop back on your horse.   It can however, be a lot of little scares that can sneak up on you – if you are riding along and something unexpected happens or you just feel your horse tense up underneath you, that can be enough to tell you that something is not right with your horse.  Of course that then plays on your mind every time you go for a ride after that. 

If something happens and we are not sure why is has happened, then we are not going to know when it is going to happen again and so whenever you go out for a ride, you are always wondering….Is he going to get a fright today, or is he going to spook at that thing that we rode past yesterday?  That then starts to eat away at your confidence and especially if you are not sure how to deal with what he is doing, or if the things that you have been doing in the past hasn’t really been working for you, then you start to not want to put yourself back in that situation again.

If some of these things are resonating with you and you are wondering what you can do about it, in my next video, I am going to be giving you 3 steps you can take to start to regain your confidence again.

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