3 Steps to Help Build Your Confidence with Your Horse

For me as a horse trainer, confidence is an issue I deal with every day.  Hopping on horses that I don’t know, and ones that have known issues can really play on your confidence and it is so important to me that I keep my confidence right up there, not only to keep myself safe, but to help my horses out as well.

These are the steps that I’ve taken, to keep working on my confidence.

Strengthen Your Core
In my last video, I spoke about how a lack of core strength can cause us to lose our confidence so if you are feeling a little bit unbalanced, or wobbly when you are on board your horse, then have a look at doing some sort of exercise such as Yoga, Pilates or Bootcamp to help strengthen your core.I know for myself, I always thought I was reasonably fit and strong, but it wasn’t until I started doing bootcamp myself that I realised how much that helped me feel strong and be able to hold myself up on board my horse. Particularly with the young green ones, who can be a little bit wobbly themselves.

Educate Yourself
This is the most important step of all.  To learn why horses do what they do and getting the skills yourself for how to deal with those things, and even better, to learn how not to get into trouble in the first place is a great step to helping you feel safer with your horse.

Conscious Practise
This goes hand in hand with the second step and it is important to get yourself on a programme that will keep you moving forward with your horse and ensuring that you do what we call, Conscious Practise.

Getting out there and riding is a great start, but unless  you are always thinking about what is going well for you and what things needs to change and then implementing those changes, then things are just going stay the same.  Finding a programme that encourages conscious practise will help you to build up those little wins that will get your confidence back on track.

If your feeling a little bit stuck, then finding a coach can really help you through those stuck spots with your horse.  Somebody who has been there before who understands what you are going through and how you are feeling can really help to speed up your progress and get you moving forward with your horse.

If you want to start making some changes, then put your details in the form below for a free consult with me, and let’s get you back out there, enjoying riding your horses again.

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