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You keep putting on that brave face and riding your horse, but the ‘what if’s’ keep popping into your head and you end up relieved when your ride is finished instead of wanting to do more. The people around you tell you not to be silly and just keep riding…’you’ll get over it!’ But that feeling never goes away.

I have been there!  I struggled through the learning process many years ago when I got my first horse at 14 YO and being the only one in my family who had the ‘horsey bug’ it was up to me to work it all out.

To make it worse, my first horse was 3 years old who had just been broken in!!  I remember being so thrilled to have such a magnificent animal and I had no idea what I was about to get myself into or where it was going to lead me.

For the first 6 months, our rides consisted of us heading out on the trail together, which was OK until we turned for home. My horse, Champers, would then gallop off on me, pull up bucking and put me on the ground.  Over time I did eventually learn how to stay on and we had a lot of fun together but the process took a long time and my level of safety was always questionable – it was literally just a matter of luck that all I had sustained were a few bruises…and a few permanent lumps on my leg, but that is another story.

Regardless of my rocky start I knew I wanted to do more with horses and I spent the next 10 years or so going to Pony Club, competing in local events, taking some riding lessons and when I was old enough, I studied the Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Horse Management, worked on a Riding Pony Stud and then as a strapper in a racing stable, all in a bid to learn as much as I could about horses.   But through it all I felt I never really gained any riding knowledge – I had learned how to stay on….but everything seemed to be beyond my reach, even with the actual riding lessons that I had during that time, the pieces of the puzzle never seemed to come together for me.

It wasn’t until many years later that I met my mentors, Shane and Meredith Ransley and was introduced to Quantum Savvy’s principles that things really changed for me.   Everything that I started to learn just blew me away and I couldn’t believe why everyone didn’t already approach and handle their horses in this way…that it wasn’t already common sense!   With Shane & Meredith’s help, my Horsemanship was now on it’s way and what I had learnt in the first 3 years with Quantum Savvy catapulted my skills way beyond everything that I had done with horses in the previous 10-15 years.

I started to learn how and why things happened and to understand what was happening from the horses perspective.  The effect this had on my horse was amazing and as my confidence in the saddle started to grow, I felt possibilities start to open up for me again.

Through completing the Quantum Savvy  Professional Courses all my dreams had come true.  Now I can share this fantastic knowledge with riders who felt like I did back then,  and I know how my experience and insight can help you guys and your horses be safer and feel more confident in your skills.  (easier things would be for people and how much safer they would be if they had this education. )

The old saying ‘you have to fall off your horse 100 times before you can become a good rider’ is such a fallacy and I can’t believe that I used to think this was true!  You shouldn’t have to fall off to become a horsemen, you just need a progressive programme and good preparation. It worked for me and over the years I have seen it work for all of my students and their horses and I know that you can do it too.

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