Mildura Feb Private Lessons

When we are dealing with a partnership between you and your horse, it is important that we look at both the horse and the rider to find a positive outcome.

I will bring my knowledge and expertise as both instructor and horse trainer to help you find the root causes of your issues and give you a holistic solution to get you heading towards your goals with your horse again.

I can help you in all aspects of both ground and riding skills and you will go home with a clear plan to work with your horse at home.

From Beginners to advanced riders I can help with many things such as:

Build confidence with handling your horse

Develop your communication and connection with your horse

Get past issues with saddling and mounting

Establish basic communication in the saddle

Prepare for bitless riding

Develop your independent seat

Gain confidence at all speeds

And much more…


Cost $90/hour includes a free phone consult and a follow up phone call after your lesson.

If you have a specific goal you would like to work towards, ask me about my specialised mentoring packages!

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