Mildura Safe Partnership Workshop Series 1

Start a whole new level of communication on the ground that you can transfer into your riding work. Improve on your horses forward and develop softer, calmer transitions so that you can step off on the right foot when you hop up on board.

Discover why your horse can be inconsistent in his work and learn the three key ingredients that you can take in your everyday handling on the ground, that will build your horses trust in you and confidence in themselves.

Join us in this first Safe Partnership 1/2 Day Workshop where we will focus on developing confidence in your horse to help him become the brave, dependable horse that you have always wanted.

This event is the first of a 4 part series of Safe Partnership Workshops and includes a 1/2 Day group Lesson with up to 5 people.

*Group sizes are limited so you get all the support you need with your horse.


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