QLD You Can Do It Too Tour

I have recently returned from a trip to QLD to join the Quantum Savvy Team on the You Can Do It Too Tour…It’s a hard life when you have to spend a week on the Gold Coast and another on the Sunshine Coast!!

With a demonstration allocated to myself and Diago, I was feeling a little unsure how he would go as he has had a little bit of time off at the start of the year and my preparation for this trip I felt was a little bit underdone. BUT!! Not to worry when you have a good solid foundation under you.

My first demo on the Gold Coast we had just arrived the day before and after two days of standing in the float I checked out how he was feeling and did what felt right and to my surprise, Diago handled it all really well (I might add that this was Diago’s first official Demonstration!) Even with the group demo at the start of the day where we had quite a few people with their horses all going round doing all sorts of different things, plus we were in a reasonably small area surrounded with the flags that flapped in the wind. A recipe that once would have been all too much for my precious boy. Again I thanked the effectiveness of building up a good solid foundation with him.

The following week we moved onto the Sunshine Coast to do it all again, new area, small space, lots of people & horses. Second time round, Diago just put in! I think at heart he must be just a bit of a show off!! The crowd loved him and we even got lots of applause. It was that moment that I realised just how far he had come, all the hard work that I put in with him had paid off and I felt so proud of him!!

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