Teaching and Training in QLD!

I have not long returned from a fabulous trip to Chambers Flat in QLD where I have been sharing some knowledge as well as working with some horses for most of the week.  I had quite a line up for horse training this time with 5 horses for 5 days.  People often ask me if I can really help a horse in such a short time considering that most horse trainers will take a horse for a number of weeks to train them.

My answer is yes, absolutely… or I would not be doing it.  I think the difference is that I am focusing on educating the horse rather than using repetition to train them.  What is the difference I hear you ask?  With RFT (Release Focus Training) I am focusing on giving the horse options and the chance to make a decision about whether they take up our offer or not.  Because we are encouraging the thinking side of their brains, we develop their confidence and of course they don’t forget!  They therefore are not needing to do this over and over for them to learn or remember.

The goals for these horses over the week were all a little different, from an older horse that just needed to spruce up his forward to a couple of young Thoroughbreds who were very green and hadn’t been ridden for a couple of years.  Of course I can’t fully educate a horse in this time which is why I work with the horses owners on a plan to keep them moving forward to complete their education.  By involving the owners in the education process, we can ensure that the training that I do gets great follow up, the horse sees the continuity in what I do and what their riders do and the riders have a clear understanding of where their horses are at.

Following my week of training, we held a workshop with a group of students looking at moving up to the next level in their horsemanship. Steering, stopping and getting lighter transitions was the focus of the day and by the looks of the slideshow, everyone was doing a fabulous job!

Our Quantum Savvy Agent for the Scenic Rim area did a fantastic job of organising and putting the whole week together – a HUGE thank you to Jenn Wagstaff for inviting me to spend a week with you all at Chambers Flat and thank you to Chambers Flat Equestrian Park for providing a great facility for us for the week.

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